XH refrigerant desiccant effectively remove moisture and other contaminants from refrigerant, thus, avoiding ice formation and protecting the system from blockage and corrosion. With higher crush strength and lower attrition, they are playing an important role in minimizing the refrigerant dew point and widely used in different kinds of refrigerant plants.

XH-5 molecular sieve is used mainly for refrigerant R12 and R22 in order to desiccate, purify and improve refrigeration effect.

XH-7 molecular sieve is used to dehydration and desiccation for new type R-134a,butane and other special refrigerants, which are used in refrigerator, deepfreeze and air conditioning.

XH-9 molecular sieve is suitable for many old and new original equipment and retrofit refrigerants. It is recommended for use with CFC-12, HCFC-22, HCFC-124, HFC-125, HFC-134a, HFC-143a, and as mentioned above, HFC-152a and its blends.

XH-11 molecular sieve is available in bead for dehydration and drying of refrigerants R407c, R410.

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