2020/02/13 Category: Company News

    Air contains about 20% oxygen. Oxygen is a very active element, tending to combine with many other elements and compounds. While oxygen is vital for living organisms, it often has a negative effect on foods and metals. Oxidation influences all kinds of products. It causes foods to loose their freshness and metals to deteriorate. Oxygen absorber, containing reduced iron power for absorbing oxygen, zeolite particles containing water with small amounts of hydrochloric acid(an inorganic acid), halogen elements, and sodium chloride for accelerating the absorption of oxygen. When placed in a product package it will selectively absorb oxygen, reducing the oxygen concentration in the package to less than 0.1% in 12 to 24 hours.The deoxidation mechanism of Oxygen absorber is a chemical reaction of iron, in which iron molecules combine with oxygen. The chemical reaction produces Fe2O3, 3H2O and is completely safe. The deoxidizers will not remove the fresh smell and taste of food.