Great Capacity and Quick Speed of Absorption Silica gel cat litter can absorb all excrement and urine of pets and
 peculiar smell given off from them. They can also control the growth of bacterium and keep the surface of the cat litter dry and clean, so the pets may live in a safe and sanitary environment. At the same time, silica gel cat litter can be used as an air-fresh agent, which absorbs some easy-volatile gas and moisture in the air and make the room fresh and clean for us all. Because silica gel cat litter have their unique performance, that is only small amount of waste was produced, the pets' owners will become happy and relaxed. Small Amount and Long Term of Usage A bag(3.8L) of cat litter can be used for one cat, one month. Various Colors and Different Scents may be made as request. 


Spread out a layer of cat litter with thickness 1.5 inch in a cat sand box. Clean the waste regularly to keep the box
clean. If you have several cats, you may shorten the replace period and mustn't put too many cat litter. A bag (3.6L)for one cat one month; two cats, 15days; three cats, about 10 days. Cat litter saturated by the pet feces must be moved with the spoon. The method for prolonging the use period: 1) As using them, we should put the box in a ventilating and dry place. 2) After use, put them in a dry place.

3) Technical Data:


1-8mm (according with your requirement)


White + 3%/5%color (pink, yellow, green, purple, blue, red, etc)


Strawberry, lemon, apple, lavender, sea fresh, orange, etc.


Silica gel

Place of Origin



20kg/bags; 3.8L/bag; 5L/bag; 7.6L/bag; cartons

Adsorption capacity





1.Aesthetic and good smell: 

cat litter can be provided with different color additive like blue, green, pink, orange, purple or red, and different fragrance like apple, cologne, orange, lavender, rose, lemon, etc. It is becoming a special attraction for pet, it is quite easy for your pet to accept cat litter.

2.Highly Adsorbent: cat litter can lock away moisture within the millions of tiny pores.

3.Superior odor control: cat litter can help prevent the formation of odors by locking away moisture within the crystals.

4.Long lasting: cat litter is more economical than standard non clumping litters.

5.Ultra hygienic:  cat litter can help inhabit bacterial growth for a hygienic environment

6.Dust free: cat litter can help keep your floor free from litter tracking

How to use:

1. Fill litter box with silica gel cat litter to the lever of 1.5 inches.

2. Clean up the rubbish after use to keep clean periodically.

3. For more than one cat, you can reduce the period of replacing cat litter in proportion, rather than placing much more cat litter in the box, the proposed way to use one 1.8kg bag is following: one cat, one month, two Cats, about 15 days, three cats, about 10 days.

4. After the solid waste is dehydrated, scoop it out without any litter.

5. Store Cat litter box or silica gel cat litter in clean, non-moisture places, to extend its service life.


Packaging Details:

3.8L,5L, 7.2L,8L,10L,15kg or 20kg compound bag or as requested


Delivery Detail:

within 7-25 days once confirming the order


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