The orange silica gel is also known as cobalt-free allochroic silica gel, which is particle of spherical or irregular block shape, with orange-yellow appearance, and whose main component is silica; the color varied with the humidity, it is orange-yellow without being damp, and with the increase of moisture adsorption, it gradually becomes green and then dark green; besides property of blue gel, it has advantages of cobalt chloride free, non-toxic and harmless; it is environmental protection product newly developed.

The product is mainly for drying, indicating degree of drying or humidity, widely used in precise instrument, medicine, petrochemical engineering, food, cloth, leather, household appliance and other industrial gases. The product can not only be used alone, but also used in alliance with ordinal silica gel proportionally.

Place proper amounts of product in the appropriate container or wrapper, and once put it under the environment needing drying or humidity indication, you will gain the goal. After the product changes color followed by moisture absorption, it will return to the primary color after being heated, so as to be reused, additionally, it is advisable that the heating temperature is 120℃.

The specification and technique data of orange silica gel is almost the same as blue gel; the primary color of product is orange-yellow, which will change its color in different humidity conditions as follows:

RH=20%: Light Yellow

RH=35%: Light brown-green

RH=50%: Light dark green


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